Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

Terrorism - Essay Example ychological concept of chosen trauma is the basis of a section of the society taking retaliatory action against the rest of the society or the part of the society that the group feels has historically oppressed them, without feeling guilty or even considering the adverse effect of their retaliatory actions (Volkan, 2004). This concept is related to terrorism in the sense that; terrorism consists of a group of people in the society who are seeking to attack the rest of the society or at least target the section of the society as a way of avenging for a perceived historical injustice or oppression against them (Volkan, 2004). In this respect, the terrorists engage in attacking and causing harm to the rest of the society without considering that they themselves could be doing something wrong, since chosen trauma makes them feel justified to react to a perceived historical injustice that they feel is unresolved (Volkan, 2004). The sociological aspect of terrorists’ fear of victory refers to the characteristic of terrorism that is different from the rest of violence that are perpetrated in the society. The aspect of terrorists’ fear of victory means that the aim of terrorism is not to perpetrate either terror or violence on their own sake, but with a more unpronounced objective of either instilling fear on the target victims, or to achieve victory through coercing the target victim to fulfill a premeditated intention of the terrorists (Fine, 2008). Terrorism is a form of violence that does not in itself seek to attain personal gains as does with most victims, but to achieve the objectives of a certain section of the society that wants either to make a political statement or instill fear of being a potentially harmful section of the society that is capable of forcing the society to take certain decisions that the society may not be voluntarily open to (Gregg, 2014). Therefore, when terrorists plan an act of terror towards any section of the society, the intention

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