Thursday, August 15, 2019

Comparative Religions Project Essay Essay

The encounters between the Islam and Christian religions were always violent towards each other. Even from the beginning both of these religions used violence and conversion, making them two religions that wouldn’t mix well. Their first encounters were very aggressive, but Islam with more violence toward Christianity and better connection to the political world had always seemed to come out on top. Then ruling over the Christian believers, they would outlaw certain practices of their religion and give them much higher taxes. Thus forcing many true Christians to converse over to the Islam religion just because they couldn’t take it anymore. In the year 1008 al-Hakim outlawed the celebrations of Palm Sunday, and the following year he ordered that Christians be punished and all their property confiscated. In that same year, he demolished multiple Christian churches all around the city. This was not it, al-Hakim also managed to destroy the Constantinian basilica of the Resurrection in Jerusalem, known as the Holy Sepulcher. Records say that he said in quote: â€Å"to obliterate ant symbol of Christian faith, and provide for the removal of every reliquary and object of veneration.† As Christianity began to spread the stronger and more popular it became. With this religion being North America’s number one, Muslims had a harder time keeping in charge. One thing that didn’t change though was the Islam’s need for violence. As Christianity spread they never stopped trying to sabotage their religion. Now technology starts to play a part in their war for religion, Muslims give up their lives using the violence that has not yet gone away. And not only are these conflicts uprising from where they originally came from, as the religions spread so did the conflict with them. Today there still are existing conflicts between Christianity and Islam, but not as much as there were in history. Muslims don’t have much control over Christians as they used to, now after 9/11 we are more controlling them. Muslims are more keeping their distance away from the Christians not only because this Christianity was growing but also because of things like Hollywood and television. This causes Muslims to stay away because they see them as immoral, corrupt and decadent. Muslim women will say they are wearing their veils as a form of protection and a refusal to be caught up in fashion, which they see as a way of using women. The history of these two religions was not accepting, and both felt the need to use violence and conversion against each other. Both Christianity and Islam felt the need to be number one and have power over the other, or even completely wiping the other religion out. As time continued on so did they, still many conflicts arise and choosing violence and war as the way out. New and more advanced technologies came to be an option for more destruction and the Muslims chose to use them against the Christians who fought back then yet another war has started. The Christians who were pushed around in the beginning, aren’t so vulnerable anymore now that they have become the most common religion all over the world.

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