Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Management and Leadership Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Management and Leadership Skills - Essay Example Body Communication is a major part of all jobs. As such, most employers recruit employees who posses good interpersonal and communication skills. Personally, my communication skills are quite good. However, I have to admit that I am more adept at communicating through writing than I am at oral communication. In the job market, it is critical to be able to communicate both orally and in writing. This is because; while formal written communique may be used to keep record of business meetings transactions, oral communication is used in almost all other interactions in the workplace. In view of this, it is clear that I need to develop my oral communication communications skills so that I can be able to express my ideas and opinions orally. After all, since most job interviews are conducted orally, my ability to communicate orally could determine whether or not I get recruited by potential employers. In order for a manager to be effective in his work, his professional and personal ethics must be irrefutable. This is because; managers are required to rely on their professional and personal/moral code of conduct when making managerial decisions. An ethical code of conduct is often regarded as a guide of behavior and employers are likely to recruit employees whom they deem ethical. ... In both my personal and academic life, I have dealt with different changes at various points in my life. This has equipped me with skills that are necessary to be able to manage change. As such, I believe that if I was in a position of leadership, I would be able to manage any changes that are required in order for the organization to meet its goals and be successful. In order to be able to manage and lead people, one needs to have the ability to motivate others. This is because; In order for people to perform well, they need to be inspired and motivated to do so. Since different people are often motivated by different things, a good leader should be able to gather knowledge about the specific factors that can be used to motivate each of his team members and use this knowledge to his advantage. In the course of my academic training, I have been able to effectively provide leadership for several teams. My ability to motivate team members to commit to the overall goals of the team has been one of the key reasons for my success. My ability to motivate others is a skill that I have recently perfected and it would be very handy in the job market. Over time, I have been able to develop and hone my analytical and problem-solving skills. Initially, whenever I was faced with a problem in my academic and personal life, I was often inclined towards determining which solutions other people who had been faced with a similar problem used. However, I have gradually learnt to investigate any problems I encounter in a critical but logical manner in order to formulate solutions that are best suited to my specific problem. In the workplace, the ability to analyze and solve problems is

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