Friday, August 9, 2019

Human Resource Development-Coaching and Performance Management Research Paper - 1

Human Resource Development-Coaching and Performance Management - Research Paper Example In workplaces coaching has began to move from being the latest management fad to a mainstream component of talent management and organization development. The growing popularity of coaching as a method of human and organizational change carries with it an enormous opportunity and challenge for those who deliver coaching training and services. One of the principle challenges of coaching is ‘professionalization’. Continued customer demands, increased consumer sophistication, and nature of work create pressure for coaching to move from being an industry to a profession. In the service sector, branding, competition, proprietary product and models are the order of the day. The three most important challenges that coaching faces in moving towards a professional footing are- Evidence based approach to coaching means producing evidence that any specific intervention is effective, or being able to demonstrate the return on investment. It also refers to the intelligent and conscientious use of the ‘best current knowledge’ for decision making and delivering coaching to clients and designing and teaching coach training programs. The best current knowledge from the above line refers to the updated information from relevant, valid research, practice and theory (Gravells, 2006, P.3) Behavioural science is the fundamental for the development of the evidence based coaching because the research skills of the practitioners are essential for evaluating the effectiveness of the coaching methodologies. According to an article by Stephen J Dorgan and John Dowdy governments around the world have been committed to raising the productivity for improving the economic performance. In a research by McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) it has been demonstrated yhat for the past three decades productivity at the sector level is driven by the degree to which these companies are exposed to competition. The main argument that has been

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