Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility at Apple Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Corporate Social Responsibility at Apple - Essay Example The object of analysis for the purpose of this assignment is Apple, a major technology, and telecommunication company based in Cupertino in California that has succeeded in the murky water of mobile technology through a number of initiatives and strategies. The company holds the stakeholders and the society in high esteem and this is demonstrated by the level of engagement that it has with the society. The development of corporate social responsibility program by the company has enabled it to maintain a positive relationship and culture with its stakeholders, the society and the employees as a whole. With the death of Steve Jobs, the company has faced massive leadership challenge as it seeks to strengthen its market control of the smartphone industry. The advancement and market growth of Samsung continue to affect the performance of the company’s products and this explains their investment in corporate social responsibility to improve the relationship with the stakeholders. As opposed to the approaches adopted by Jobs that emphasized the need to introduce innovative technology into the market and not splashing the cash in charities and societal activities, Cooks has announced a number of plans aimed at improving the relationship of the company with the stakeholders. The corporate charity-matching program developed by the company seeks to introduce a dollar for a dollar match for the employees. Through this move, the company intends to raise over $10,000 every year and invest the money within the societies across the globe. This move is seen as a new message from the CEO to the stakeholders and the customers that the company is moving towards embracing their contribution and investing in the society as compared to the previous leadership at the company. With the change of leadership at the company, the introduction of austerity measures has significantly affected the relationship between the company, its employees, and corporate stakeholders. Through the development of corporate social responsibility program, the company seeks to assure the stakeholders that the company is focused towards developing an environment of integrity and respect for the employees and the stakeholders.

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