Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Regulation of International Trade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Regulation of International Trade - Essay Example This raises an important issue in the environmental concern. By the fact slug vacuuming in waters of bohemia interfere with aquatic lives then it implies with that if interfered even with the endangered aquatic species. Seabed is home of many aquatic lives. Marine conservation and international free trade reconciles with dolphins with tuna and sea turtles with shrimp. During the 1990s, the World Trade Organization (WTO)-GATT provisions, multilateral efforts promote conservation of endangered marine species through trade sanctions against other governments. These acts of unilateral economic coercion were held to be discriminatory tactics done in unfair restraint of international trade. But in so doing, the WTO findings aroused the ire of environmentalists worldwide. These findings, by the WTO became portrayed not as decisions upholding free trade, but as mandates against marine conservation and environmental protection. Even so, this denial of lawful permissibility to use unilateral economic coercion to protect endangered species internationally does not signal the demise of national efforts to conserve living marine resources. Rather, these WTO findings point up the manner in which potential trade and marine conservation disputes should be handled, i.e., through means of peaceful settlement. The key to future international marine conservation relies on a multilateral rather than a unilateral approach. The United Nation Environmental programme (UNEP) is the international body for overseeing on implementation of environment multilateral agreements, treaties and conventions. The year 2004 Word environmental day, the theme was wanted seas and oceans dead or alive. Thus, environmentally conscious governments, should continue to encourage global adoption of marine conservation policies without interfering with international norms and standards of international commercial transactions For the above reasons waters of Bohemia unlike waters of Atlantis runs at a risk of losing seabed green fish among other important aquatic lives including the endangered and undiscovered marine lives. Now through comparing the GATT 1994 law and Green fish preservation act, it should come to a point of solution. GATT law states on restrictions and quotas based on environmental concerns while the act calls either for ban of fishing, licensing or green fish friendly based. Green Fish Act 2004 seems unchallengeable from numerous treaties and conventions that supports it. 1 To the fact that there are national, regional and international treaties, conventions and agreements concerning on water resources it should be applied imposition of environmental concerns by GATT 1994 while the act calls either for ban of fishing, licensing or green fish friendly labels. To the fact that there is national regional and international treating, contentious and agreement concerning on water resources it should be applied imposition of environmental friendly methods of fishing should be applied. For instance, as stated by the green fish preservation act 2004, the use of green friendly label on all sea slug produce is required. Principles of Free Trader and

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