Friday, March 6, 2020

Contributions to Nursing essays

Contributions to Nursing essays There are many types of nurses and they undertake different functions in the treatment of their patients. Of the lot, the type of nurses who are in regular touch with the families are the medicine nurse. They provide care to the patients, educate the families about health and promote the proper care for health for both individuals and families. They are often the first point of contact between the families under their charge and the overall healthcare system. When the doctors come, they are also an important point of contact. They ensure that the care that patients get is the most suitable for the patient, and also cost effective. (About the Due to their close contact with the families they get to know the families and individuals well. They provide care that can be accessed by all without regard to the financial position of the family or the geographical location, social status, cultural background or other differences. They are continually involved with the families and the members of all age levels and help them to pass through the different health related happenings. All health care providers get their first knowledge about the family from the nurses attached to the family. They also help the families and the members to plan for their own health care. The profession of nursing was given a proper image by Florence Nightingale. Her first step in nursing was to sit in the homes of sick people in her village and investigate local hospitals and nursing practices. She had originally wanted to be a nurse, but was not permitted by her parents, as it was then not considered a suitable profession for women as well educated as Florence Nightingale. The discussions about her future were still going on when all agreed that Florence would make a...

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