Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Criminology 1 question future crime Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Criminology 1 question future crime - Essay Example However, contrary to the thought that development would also make man wiser, it becomes clear that man is losing his insight of moral values. This fact is evident from the ever increasing crime rates all over the world. Man has proved to be capable of committing heinous crimes that are beyond the understanding of certain individuals. What one cannot even imagine, the other is capable of executing, this emphasizes the fact that every man is different from the other. With the advent of the computer age, criminal activity has escalated to another level. In the past, various crimes known to exist were those such as theft, homicide, human trafficking, child and women abuse, juvenile delinquency and so on. However, now with the invention of internet, computer and such other electronic devices, people have left the realm of real world. Whatever they do now, it is always encompassed within the digital world. Therefore, there emerges a whole new possibility of crimes in the modern day as well as in the future. Since the emergence of internet, various crimes have started taking toll on unaware victims and these crimes are known as cyber crime. Therefore, it can be said that future crimes will definitely be directed towards the digital world. The different types of crimes in this field are insider crime, hacking, spam, fraud, cyber terrorism, drug trafficking â€Å"telecommunications fraud, online pedophilia, high-tech espionage† etc (Hagan, 2011). Though the present data provides an insight into the trends of crime to a certain extent, â€Å"they are limited in forecasting crime† (Schafer, 2007). However, various researches and studies based on criminology as well as the modern lifestyles have led to different predictions of future crimes. It is predicted that â€Å"illegal marketing of human parts† will increase substantially, â€Å"employee computer crime† will be on the rise with

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