Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Simple Plan essays

A Simple Plan essays The book, A Simple Plan, by Scott Smith, was much more effective than the movie version because the book was more descriptive and it allowed us to view everything from the main characters point of view. However, the story or plot of the movie was better than the book. The book version of A Simple Plan was better because it was more descriptive than the movie version. The author was able to give more details in the book than you would notice in a movie, for example, It was farmland, unrelentingly flat but made over to look like it wasnt. The roads curved around imaginary obstacles, and people constructed little hills in their front yards, like burial mounds, covering them with shrubbery. The houses up and down the street were tiny, each one built right up against the next... (5). Another example of the details in the book is, The collie was sitting on the porch. It didnt bark this time though; it simply stared at my station wagon, its ears erect, its thin, angular head rotating slowly on its shoulders... (108). The final example of the books details is, The suit made him look young, even fit, a brown paisley tie knotted beneath his chin, a handkerchief sticking up crisply from the breast pocket of his jacket. (267). The book described in d etail the land, the dog, and the suit, whereas in the movie, the viewer would just get a quick glance and may not notice these things. The book did a better job of making the reader feel like they were a part of the story because it was told through the eyes of the main character and let you know all his thoughts and ideas, whereas the movie only showed the expressions on his face and body language. For example, in the book Hank thinks to himself, I didnt have a hat with me, and I wasnt wearing boots-I hadnt planned on hiking through the snow-but I knew that both Jacob and Lou expected m ...

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