Thursday, November 21, 2019

Analysing the digital marketing strategy of two companies Essay

Analysing the digital marketing strategy of two companies - Essay Example The navigation bar helps customers in going through a number of advert materials that might be influential in the decision that they finally make. The site also makes it clear that the shop makes free shipping and has a simplified return process. The site makes it clearly evident that they do target female customers given the fact that all their advert materials display female items. In this case, it might be said that the main reason behind targeting female customers is that women are more likely to spend time online looking for items that they like are compared to men. focuses on female fashion products. The pictures of celebrities wearing some of the brands sold at the store are used strategically to lure customers who are fans of these celebrities. This is something that lacks in some retailer sites. However, this site might be said to be lacking shortcuts to connect to the stores social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. On the first site someone can easily get the impression on exactly what this site is about. Someone will easily realize that the shop specializes in sportswear and footwear. This is because the images used are a perfect replica of an image that would attract anyone who was looking for sportswear and footwear. The use of models who appear to be sportsmen seem to be a good idea because it gives the impression of what a customer should expect from the store. The navigation bar helps online customers in viewing the advert materials that are used in the sites. The mode of categorization is also highly helpful in this case. The site categorizes its dashboard into: new arrivals, men’s, women’s, Kids, Release calendar, Brands, collections, and find a store. These options make it easier for a customer to get what they want without having to go through all the items that are available in the store. The find a store option is important in enabling customers to locate

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