Friday, September 13, 2019

What is social Justice How is social justice related to language Assignment

What is social Justice How is social justice related to language rights What do you think about language rights and deaf students - Assignment Example A just and equal world order is perhaps best seen as consisting of people with proper political regimes who fully respect basic human rights. Human rights are expansive, and language rights are part of them. Social justice is all about fairness and equality; language rights protect individuals to choose their preferred language in communication in the public and private spheres. For marginal groups, the opportunity to use ones language is of crucial importance because it protects their collective identity and participation in public life (Tyler, Boeckmann, Smith & Huo, 1997, P.11). Laws may restrict people who do not speak the national language from running for office – political posts, hence challenging international obligations that require free elections. During state discussions, the minority groups may suffer if the government insists discussions be carried out in the national language. Foreign language is what is often used to teach the children of the minority. Consequently, the children grow to forget their language and their culture in addition. Higher rates of school drop-outs and unemployment rates also follow the children. In the colonial days, the white people wanted to teach the black people children their language but the chiefs realized that it was only robbing their children of their language and culture (Skutnabb-Kangas, 2008, P.3). Deaf students are a minority group in our societies, and they have linguistic rights. They have a special form of communication in the form of sign language and the laws in place must cater for them. Deaf children attend special schools and are taught various skills during the period. In the event of completion, they should be seamlessly assimilated in the society (Muhlke, 2000, P.23). They have the right to speech, freedom of opinion and expression, right to vote and run for an office, and the protection against

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