Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Midterm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Midterm - Essay Example In this case, laptop is the product being offered to consumers in the market. The manufacturing of this design of laptops should include all the features available in the market together with other new ones that have been designed by the firm. Secondly, place is an element that encompasses a collection of all strategic choices which pertains to either accessibility or convenience of the products offered to the consumer (Tyagi and Arun 27). Places encompass making the products being offered available to the target consumers at the location and time they prefer. After the laptops have been manufactured, the marketers should make use of the available channels of distribution to avail them to the consumer. Price of the product measures the actual product’s value to consumers. Charging a high price for the particular type of laptop suggests the quality of the product and the status of the consumer who buys it. Price affects consumer choices, especially when the product is being introduced in a new target market. This is mainly because most consumers in this target market will make their choices based on the cost of the products. Finally, promotion entails the use of tools such as advertisement, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations that the marketer of a product uses when communicating the product’s benefits to the consumer with the aim of convincing them to buy the products they are offering in the target market (Tyagi and Arun 58). Marketers must clearly describe the features and specifications of the laptops t hey are selling in order to influence the consumers’ choices. Personal motivations and the role played by people’s perceptions vary from one person to another. This because different people forms different individual opinions regarding the stimuli they receive. People continuously receive messages through their five senses. Using of these senses in stimulating the consumers to test

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