Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Cataleya From The Film Columbiana Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Cataleya From The Film Columbiana - Essay Example Fifteen years later, as a ground up young woman, she receives extensive training on fighting and defence tactics. She eventually t6racks them down and kills all of them, including their leader Sandoval. Cataleya exemplifies several of Campbell’s characteristics of a hero. Campbell states that a hero is somebody who something has been taken from him or her. To Cataleya, her parents, who meant everything to her, were brutally murdered and this was the basis of her revenge mission. A hero, according to Campbell (1988) performs a courageous act, either physical or spiritual. Cataleya, choosing to avenge her parents’ murder showed her act of courage. Despite the various discouragements from a number of people, she was determined to accomplish her mission. The revenge mission was not an easy one. Cataleya remained strong regardless of the challenges she met. At one point, when pursuing the murderers, she felt like giving up but remained strong and committed. Lord Luis Sandova l was a much-respected man in the drug world, and nobody ever thought of going against him. The police themselves had been unable to arrest him. However, Cataleya single handed killed him and his team. A hero's journey usually consists of a departure, a fulfilment, and a return. Cataleya left her home and went to her uncle in Chicago. She fulfilled her mission of revenge and returned to her home to live in peace. A hero also has to achieve something, and to her, the murder of Lord Luis Sandoval was her achievement.

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