Saturday, October 19, 2019

Twelve questions in Management Information System Assignment

Twelve questions in Management Information System - Assignment Example In the â€Å"conversations† that introduce the textbook chapters thus far, Lucas Massey, the IT Director, tends to get a lot of pressure from his colleagues at GearUP. He has suggested approaches that do not align with the company’s strategy, and several times, when he has attempted to explain his perspective, he and his co-workers get frustrated. Using the skills gained in this course it will be easy for me to manage a situation like this in my job experience. In simple terms, I will just employ quality communication and teamwork skills to ensure that we as a team speak one a language. In addition, to ensure that the targeted MIS ends up a successful project, I will involve most of the key company stakeholders (both I.T professionals and other workers or targeted users of the system) in the development and implementation of the MIS. Lastly but certainly not the least, I will work closely with all the team members to ensure that the MIS goes hand in hand with the business strategies of the company (Oz

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