Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Reparations to Descendants of Slaves Should Have Ceased Long Ago Essay

Reparations to Descendants of Slaves Should Have Ceased Long Ago In this day and time the world is heavily concerned with political and social corrective ness, thus everyone is catered too and no money changes hands. The idea and arguments of paying reparations to the descendants of slaves has been in the American media and courthouses since the English barrister James Grahame published a groundbreaking book in 1850 setting the first claim for reparations in the United States. It is no surprise that these allegations arose so soon after the abolishing of slavery at the culmination of the Civil War. Free blacks and enslaved blacks are accredited with building a nation on their backs, that is not so; America was built on the backs of the heroic men who served in the American Revolution and the victorious soldiers who reconciled a broken country after the Civil War. Reparations cannot be paid to those whom it is not owed. America has been heavily criticized for quietly supporting slavery in the North and celebrating the institution of slavery in the South. It seems quite puzzling as to why reparations are so sought after by African Americans in the country, when none of them are direct descendants of those who were enslaved. African Americans have been so bold to even bring forth allegations against nations in Europe for starting and profiting from the slave trade as well as the colonization of Africa, it we as a civilized people did our homework we would find that it was capitalistic tribes of Africa who staged the capturing of the slaves thus setting the wheels of slavery in motion. This is the main reason why America can not and will not be charged with the heinous act of paying billions of tax dollars to non-existent sl... ...just settlement of emotional, physical, mental, or financial debt. As John Carroll fervently proclaims â€Å"I didn’t do it! My ancestors didn’t do it! The people who did it are dead now.† Slavery is a worldwide epidemic, it has been passed down through time, so Judge Halbert I declare that you vehemently clear America, the West, the nations of Eastern Europe, and Christians clear of any wrongdoing in saving the slaves from a life of darkness and sin. WE HAVE PAID OUT DEBT’S IN FULL! Works Cited Page Brooks, Raymond L. â€Å"Paying for Past Sins†: Taking Sides. 16 June 2002.

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