Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Discusses the nature of contemporary societal problems in general and Essay

Discusses the nature of contemporary societal problems in general and Dubai in particular (two to three pages) - Essay Example Even though the pollution problem cannot be considered new and is apparently diminishing within the developed world, it is still a rapidly growing problem globally and it’s most common effect today being global warming and unpredictable weather patterns. The rapid population growth is yet another problem and is considered as the side effect of advancements in improved life expectancy and diminished child mortality rates. The rapid population growth has put a lot of strain on the available resources and some of the recent wars can be linked to fighting over control over limited resources. Dubai has in the recent years rapidly developed to become a prototype of a modern city. Dubai’s advancements have of cause come with a lot of modernization advantages but have at the same time come with major disadvantages to the society. Among the problems experienced today is prostitution which involves adults and unfortunately, children too (Mooney, Knox & Schacht, 2008). There have been a few cases of children being abducted from other parts of the world and smuggled into Dubai to serve in prostitution rings. While there have been recent attempts to this vice, there still remain wide areas within the city where the vice goes on unchecked especially within low class hotels and parking lots where the police rarely intervene (Davison, 2008). Dubai’s successful free port is a haven for human traffickers and has provided them with an opportunity to do carry on with their illegal trade and in most cases, go unpunished. Dubai’s human trafficking trade has flourished to a point where Dubai is regarded as a major human trafficking centre. The large heterogeneous expatriate population, combined with Dubai’s attempts to create a friendlier environment for foreign tourists and investors has resulted in major erosions of some important components of the society in Dubai. Dubai is mostly made up of Muslims and the cases of binge drinking and

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